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success story

Michael Robertson, M.D.,
Rockford Nephrology Associates

We always knew we would continue providing high quality care after joining Panoramic Health, but what we didn’t know was the operational opportunity we had. Since being on the Panoramic Health platform, we gained significant efficiencies and improvements that have resulted in a year over year increase in total revenue of $1M to our practice.

We joined Panoramic Health because we wanted to leverage our ability to provide great quality patient care but also be financially viable. Being locked into the fee-for-service model, our reimbursement wasn’t increasing and the quality-based bonuses we were receiving started dwindling as more providers participated in the programs. We knew we needed to make a change and were looking for a partner who shared our same value of providing high quality care in Northern Illinois and also allowed us to remain independent. We didn’t want to be localized into just a single health system that would exclude 60% of our market. We knew we needed partnerships and we needed to get away from fee-for-service and move to value-based care. We also knew that we couldn’t do that being a 15-provider practice. We needed partners to participate in population health management. We saw Panoramic Health as having the same vision as us. Focused on providing excellent quality of care to our patients, remaining independent and physician led, but also part of a larger group of partners that were focused on the same outcomes. As Panoramic Health grows beyond 500 providers, we can do so much more than what we could with only 15 providers. 

Panoramic Health focuses on providing great quality of care, and they also keep nephrologists at the center and part of the decision-making process. Panoramic Health is unique because it is nephrologist owned and operated. As nephrologists we are not only providing great patient care, but also lifting all nephrologists, to not compete against each other, so we can all be better.

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