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providing physicians with integrative technology, workflow management, and analytics to enable the delivery of innovative value-based kidney care.

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value based care opportunities

a transformative approach to care delivery

We partner with practices, providers, and health systems to advance the usage of clinically-validated best practices and cutting-edge data analytics across the continuum of value-based kidney care. Our ecosystem of providers is focused on delivering personalized and compassionate care via holistic interventions for all patients across the CKD spectrum.
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differentiated holistic care model with proven clinical outcomes
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industry-leading, multichannel patient engagement across all touchpoints
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unparalleled data integration and analytics engine for advanced risk stratification and predictive modeling, that helps identify at risk patients earlier.
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deep provider alignment with scalable delivery models that can integrate into practices as needed.

as a physician-led organization, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of both patients and providers

We serve providers and focus on helping patients take charge of their wellbeing, reducing hospitalizations and the cost of care.

Our innovative solutions empower practices to successfully transition to, and sustain, value-based kidney care. Our flexible model is easily adopted. Through consistent innovation, we continue to develop new products to meet the changing needs of our provider partners as they continue to evolve, grow, and build their own capabilities.

flexible solutions

Wherever physicians are in the journey from volume to value, we help them advance patient care while strengthening their practices through the implementation of our proven and proprietary delivery model.

practice management

We provide operational expertise, financial management, and data analytics to optimize practices, as well as strategic expertise, provider recruiting, marketing and M&A to help practices grow.

value-based care

We leverage clinical and operational data to design patient-centric population health initiatives custom tailored to each practice’s specific care-delivery process. Our high-touch, comprehensive care model provides longitudinal care to each patient, including tailored interventions to manage acute events — all guided by insights driven by data intelligence and amplified by cogent, responsive care coordination.
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ambulatory surgery centers

Patients receive the best care when nephrologists remain at the center of care delivery through every step of a patient’s treatment.

Our ambulatory surgery centers further support the delivery of value-based care through increased care coordination that will contribute to better outcomes, lower hospital readmission rates, and better quality of life.

Our platform manages patients by increasing transplantations and planned dialysis starts thereby minimizing access point risks associated with emergency hospital admissions.

Aligning providers with ambulatory surgery centers in their respective markets reduces costs and improves patient outcomes by preventing hospital visits for access point maintenance.

practice management

Comprehensive practice management solutions that incorporate all aspects of administration, operations, and marketing.

Our full-service solutions include strategic growth, leadership training, practice governance, operational oversight, HIPAA and general compliance, and best practices. We work with local practice management to achieve optimal operational efficiency, implement standardized policies and procedures, and track operational and clinical performance metrics.
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success stories

"If you’re thinking of partnering with Panoramic Health, the number one thing is you still control your practice. We are local, we know what works in our local environment and having Panoramic Health as a partner that’s supporting us – well, we aren’t giving up control to a larger entity. We are still controlling our practice. That is huge!"

Kimon Kostopoulos, D.O. — Kidney and Hypertension Associates
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