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The decision to join Panoramic Health had a lot to do with trust. I trusted them from the start and I knew the team wouldn’t lead us astray. That’s how it started with one phone call and just went forward from there. When Nick described Panoramic Health, it was exactly what we were looking for.

I have always believed in working together with other nephrologists. When I heard of the Panoramic Health concept, I liked that it was data-driven. In the kidney space, we use data in almost every aspect of the business, including caring for patients. We were attracted to Panoramic Health because they provide good data.

Patients will have better experiences – better communication and ultimately better, more seamless care.

Panoramic Health brought an interesting opportunity to us to take advantage of value-based care—both the infrastructure and the equity position. Panoramic Health offered a chance to be part of the profitability beyond just seeing patients. 

As a small practice, my partner and I value our independence, but realized we wouldn’t remain viable in the future if we didn’t pay attention to two significant market pressures.
The first was the healthcare system consolidation taking place all around us. We are still a small independent nephrology practice, yet we were quickly becoming a smaller fish in a big, growing pond.

When giving advice to other nephrologists, I would say, “Look at the size of the group, how long have they been around, what they provide and how they think they’ll improve the care of your patients and help you meet your long-term goals.

We always knew we would continue providing high quality care after joining Panoramic Health, but what we didn’t know was the operational opportunity we had. Since being on the Panoramic Health platform, we gained significant efficiencies and improvements that have resulted in a year over year increase in total revenue of $1M to our practice.