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Comprehensive Practice Management Solutions

Dec 7, 2022

In healthcare practices, daily operations can often seem overwhelming. From billing and collections to coding and compliance, there are many tasks that need to be managed efficiently in order for the practice to run smoothly. It can be tempting to try and handle all these different responsibilities on your own, but it is often a better practice to work with a comprehensive management solution provider.

Comprehensive practice management covers all facets of running a successful healthcare facility, from administration and operations to marketing and compliance. At Panoramic Health, we offer full-service value-based care solutions to meet these needs, including strategic growth support, leadership training, and HIPAA compliance. We work with practices to enhance efficiency and implementation of standardized policies and procedures, as well as tracking performance metrics.

Our goal is to ensure each practice can reach its maximum potential in all areas of management. Whether it’s overall governance or day-to-day operations, Panoramic Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for our clients’ success.


Key Facts:

  • Comprehensive practice management solutions help your patients and your practice by helping patients take charge of their wellbeing, reducing hospitalizations and the cost of care.
  • Panoramic Health’s comprehensive practice management solutions incorporate all aspects of administration, operations, and marketing.
  • Opportunities identified include enhancing medical practices management procedures, saving nephrologists time, and ultimately, improving physician-led patient care.

What are comprehensive practice management solutions?


Comprehensive practice management solutions, like Panoramic Health’s, are designed to help practices succeed while still allowing them full control of their practice. As we specialize in this full-service support, we work with practice management at the local level to achieve optimal operational efficiency, implement standardized policies and procedures, launch value-based care solutions, and track operational and clinical performance metrics.

What are the benefits of comprehensive practice management solutions?


With the tools provided, your practice will have everything you need to manage all aspects of patient care, from appointments and insurance coverage to lab tests and paperwork in one place. These full-service solutions include many high-level benefits to its physicians’ practices including:

  • Strategic growth
  • Leadership training
  • Practice governance
  • Operational oversight
  • HIPAA and general compliance
  • Shared knowledge of best practices
  • Value-based care solutions

How Panoramic Health provides comprehensive practice management solutions


Panoramic Health helps practices succeed by helping your practice align and manage your people, processes, and technology. By focusing on the whole of your practice—as opposed to just a single component—you can improve not just one part, but all of it. The sum of a company’s efforts and resources, if properly organized and managed, can be more powerful than any one component. We can provide you with the following services:

  • Patient scheduling (appointment reminders)
  • Electronic health records (EHRs) with e-prescribing capabilities
  • Online billing/reimbursement services; Pay-for-Performance reimbursement options
  • Electronic medical records management systems
  • Revenue cycle management (including billing and collection and benchmarking)
  • Credentialing services
  • Finance and accounting (including financial reports, compensation models, and budgeting)
  • Full-service practice management (including data-driven operation management, HR and benefits support, and marketing)
  • IT services (including email platforms, social media, and online reputation management)
  • Population health (including KCF, CKCC support, online CKD education platform, and risk-based contracting)

Why comprehensive management solutions?


Wherever physicians are in the journey from volume to value, Panoramic Health helps them advance patient care while strengthening their practices through the implementation of their proven and proprietary delivery model.

The solutions offered allow several long-term benefits to practices to successfully transition to, and sustain, value-based kidney care:

  • Experience and scale. Fifteen years of experience culminating in 800+ providers and 1,500+ employees, supporting nephrologists who provide care across 19 states
  • Increased productivity. Automation of business processes in the background allows practices to put patients first.
  • Decreased overhead costs. Access to scale brings cost savings in overhead such as financial reports, accounts payable, capital accounts, compensation models, budgeting, analytics and dashboards
  • Consult an Expert. Panoramic Health gives its partners access to experts who understand value-based kidney care and can help manage budgeting, HIPPA and general compliance, IT needs and more.
  • Revenue cycle management. Improved claims, billing and collections, denial management, patient balance collections, physician coding review & education, benchmarking by providing physicians with integrative technology and workflow management
  • Payment reconciliation. When you accept a patient as a new member and they make their first payment, Panoramic Health performs payment reconciliation to ensure the amount they paid matches their account balance. All of their payments are tracked, including any payments that are pending or in dispute. If there is anything amiss with the patient’s account, they are notified so that they can rectify the problem quickly and easily.
  • Patient contacts. This includes all calls made to patients to help educate them on the importance of their care and treatment regimens. Comprehensive practice management solutions include an optional program for calling patients to help them stay on track with their care and treatment regimens. Calls are made to patients to educate them on the importance of their care and treatment regimens, check on their health status and make sure they are taking their medications as prescribed.


Panoramic Health understands the intrinsic link between successful business management and quality patient care. That’s why we offer comprehensive management solutions to support physicians on their journey towards clinical excellence and value-based healthcare.

Our solutions streamline administrative tasks, freeing up time and resources for physicians to focus on providing exceptional patient care and growing their practices. In addition, our delivery model has been proven to successfully help navigate the transition to value-based kidney care. Panoramic Health’s comprehensive management solutions enable physicians to confidently advance both their patients’ well-being and their own business success.