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Achieving Excellence in Data Security: An Interview with Sampath Narayanan, CIO of Panoramic Health

Jun 27, 2024

At Panoramic Health, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy. Recently, our Data Platform achieved HITRUST CSF® certification, a prestigious recognition in the field of information security. Sampath Narayanan, Chief Information Officer at Panoramic Health, discusses this key milestone.

Congratulations on achieving HITRUST certification! Can you tell us what this certification means for Panoramic Health?

Sampath Narayanan: Achieving HITRUST certification is a major milestone for Panoramic Health. It validates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security and privacy. HITRUST is truly the gold standard for data protection, and its Common Security Framework (CSF) includes a wide range of requirements and incorporates many different regulations and standards. This designation assures our clients, partners, and stakeholders that we are dedicated to comprehensive risk management, robust security controls, and strict regulatory compliance.

Why is data privacy and security so important in the healthcare industry?

Sampath Narayanan: Data privacy and security are absolutely critical in the healthcare industry for several reasons. Firstly, healthcare organizations handle vast amounts of sensitive patient information, including personal, medical, and financial data. Protecting this information is not only a regulatory requirement but also a moral obligation to safeguard patient privacy.

Additionally, the healthcare industry is a prime target for cybercriminals due to the value of medical data on the black market. Ensuring robust data security measures helps prevent unauthorized access and cyberattacks, ultimately protecting patients and maintaining the integrity of healthcare services.

What was the journey like to achieve HITRUST certification?

Sampath Narayanan: The journey to HITRUST certification was extensive and rigorous. Over the past year, we underwent a thorough third-party assessment that involved detailed evaluations of our controls, policies, and procedures. Every aspect of our information security program was scrutinized to ensure we meet the highest security standards. 

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring that every component of our information security framework met the stringent requirements of the CSF. This involved harmonizing a wide array of standards and regulations into a cohesive and effective security strategy. The process required meticulous attention to detail and continuous collaboration among various teams. It was a true test of our commitment to data security and our ability to work together towards a common goal.

Why is this certification significant for Panoramic Health and its stakeholders?

Sampath Narayanan: First and foremost, it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to protecting sensitive data. In today's digital landscape, data breaches and cyber threats are ever-present risks. By achieving HITRUST certification, we are reinforcing our promise to our partner practices and their patients that their data is secure with us. It also positions us as trustworthy and reliable in the broader healthcare space. 

What’s next for Panoramic Health in terms of data security?

Sampath Narayanan: While achieving HITRUST certification is a significant milestone, it’s not the end of our journey. We will continue to prioritize security and compliance, constantly evolving our practices to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of trust and security, ensuring that we provide a safe environment for all our stakeholders. We will keep enhancing our data protection measures and upholding our reputation as a secure and reliable platform in the healthcare industry.